Curtain Led

Pexls-P60 two-side window curtain can be used to do decoration, lighting and present videos and advertising. It is widely used in various stage rendering, advertising, nightclubs, stores and other places can play video, graphics, images, and in real-time, synchronous, clear information dissemination to play all kinds of information.

Apexls-P60 Two-side Window Curtain Features:
1. Bright colors, fast response, showing good results, high reliability, long life, energy saving and environmental protection;
2. Larger pixel pitch is specially designed for longer viewing distance and transparency creative indoor and outdoor installation, cost-effective;
3. Screen made of vertical strips, the size can be adjusted, double-sided display, front and back can be viewed;
4. Screen is slim transparent, transparent rate is between 30% to 70%, light weight and rainproof;
5. Maintainability, high reliability, high security, high precision installation, appearance is beautiful;
6. Compatible with a variety of input sources, such as AV, S-Video, DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, etc.;
7. Professional packaging, have a good protection for modules;
8. High gray level and high refresh rate; gray level> 4096, refresh rate> 1000Hz above; this makes the LED display without any delay when presenting images and videos;