Round Led Screen

Round LED Display is composed of several cabinets in different specifications. It can be used outdoors and its size can be customized. Our Round LED display screens are highly appraised for its beautiful appearance, good presentation effect, thin structure, water-proof, light weight , high reliability and high installation.

Round shape LED display is the combine of the led display and the art aesthetic. It can used at Museum, art Gallery, Casino, Government plaza, Leisure square, big entertainment plaza, prosperous trade Center, commercial street, railway station, Airport, Shopping mall, Supermarket, Hospital, Hotel, Bank, Stadium.

Features of Round LED Display
1. Wide Viewing Angle The Round LED video wall Or Round LED Display provides a wide perspective for audience. People can see it from the angle of 360°.
2. Perfect Effect Round LED Screen or Round LED Display makes the perfect combination between dynamic images and modern architecture.
3. Stable Performance Our Round LED displays use advanced imported materials from Japan, America and other countries, resulting in good stability, low noise, low energy consumption, etc.
4. Strong Damage-Resistance Ability Round LED screen has good antistatic ability, perfect waterproof, dustproof, lightning protection and anti-weathering ability.
5. Easy Operation Simple structure and easy operation enable clients to save much money, labor and worries.
6. Environmentally Friendly Apexls Round LED Display is environmental-friendly and energy-saving.