Rental Mobile Application

Rental Mobile Application

This service is most suitable for the organizers and participants of exhibitions and event companies. An application can contain a calendar of events, schedules, catalogs, photo galleries, subscription, navigation and objects on the map, a password for access, reservations and much more. Tools of our mobile application will allow you instantly to notify all customers, consumers or employees who have installed the application. See below main features of application.

  • Events and Exhibition tab, Homepage and Navigation Menu.

  • Schedule, Calendar, Date,
    Integration with social networks, subscription,
    All kinds of menu, description and directories.

  • Button "Call us" - the ability to call on a specified number,
    Photo Gallery, Video, Audio,
    Available access to the application with a password. .

  • Map and point of interest on the map
    Location and address of your event,
    Map can show useful places - nearest parking, cafes, ATMs, etc.

  • Push Notifications
    Your customers and guests can receive instant notification from you. You can inform customers about changes, discounts and promotions.

  • Rent our application is very advantageous.This is especially true for companies whose activities are connected with exhibitions, shows and events. These companies constantly change content, topic, place, audience and need to make changes in the application that makes the possession of application is highly expensive. Our service solves this problem, you own application when you need it.

  • The optimal time for the rental start - a few days before the event, that maximum number of your clients or guests could install the application.
    In most cases this will not affect the cost of the rent as we charge weekly rent for the application.

  • Average rental cost of mobile applications for 14 days will be from 3,000 to 4,000 AED. The price includes the development, design, filling and processing of content, technical and information support during the rental period.